Is Cash Going To Extinct With The Invention Of Bitcoins?



Cash has been a part of the global economy for centuries; we use it every day and don't even think about it. It can be used to buy practically anything and is accepted universally worldwide. Recently, though, there's been a new currency coming around, namely bitcoins providing a more secure and advanced payment method.

Bitcoins are all digital as they exist only as computer files and no physical coins or paper money exist for them(except as collectors’ items). You can use bitcoins to buy things like pizzas, bus tickets or use it in the trading process to make more rewards with little-to-no fees and with unprecedented ease. You can also use the cryptocurrency mining feature to get free Bitcoins.

Bitcoins and other digital currencies may completely replace physical money in the not-so-far future.

Introduction to largest CryptoCurrency

The concept of bitcoin was introduced in 2008 by a man using the alias Satoshi Nakamoto (an individual or group that to this day has remained anonymous). The protocol that he devised uses an open network to confirm transactions and ensure no double-spending occurs, and it’s completely decentralized, i.e. there’s no central bank.

The system relies on ‘miners’ that are defined as people with computers, or rather powerful computer rigs, who verify transactions and add them to the blockchain (a ledger of all previous transactions). The blockchain is a public ledger and provides complete transparency and security. Once a transaction has been made, it cannot be reversed: it is visible to the entire world.

Extra Features Accessible With Bitcoin

Bitcoins are slowly gaining popularity; people buy them for various reasons. Some speculate on their value, and others use them to make some fortune from them for trading purposes. The value of bitcoins has fluctuated wildly since their introduction. As of right now, they're considered the most highly rated, expensive and rewarding cryptocurrency among all the currencies available in the market.

Trading bitcoins is quite risky; it’s possible they’ll lose all their value, and you could lose your entire investment. But this risk comes with equally great rewards. If you play along with some strategy and devote yourself to the market analysis, then you can easily avoid this risk and make some stacks from bitcoin trading.

Future of Bitcoin and Cash

Considering the future, cash isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. It’s a tried-and-tested system that has been in use for generations, and replacing it with a relatively new alternative could create considerable headaches. Yes, it does take time to physically transfer money from one place to another, but paying using a card or online eliminates the intermediary step of cash exchange.


Despite how much everyone enjoys using bitcoins from crypto mining, cash will likely remain king for some time yet. While bitcoin transactions are fast and easy to complete (especially compared to other electronic payment options), they still require an Internet connection which can be unreliable in certain circumstances (for example, during natural disasters). Nevertheless, Bitcoin surely has some great potential, and as far as the future is considered, it is nice and bright for this cryptocurrency. But replacing cash with Bitcoin is a hard nut to crack.